We import your goods from your suppliers, store them in our warehouse, turn them into orders, and deliver them to the final destination (last mile). We create a more customer-responsive supply chain for your business with full visibility for all of your logistics activities.

The management of goods from their receipt to their final destination is coordinated by Logika. Specialist teams undertake the turnover in each sector and provide excellent attention to detail, work, organization, and consistency. Logika utilizes wireless terminals (RF) for importing and monitoring of inventory. All wireless terminals operations are performed through our warehouse management system: LVision WMS-Mantis, a highly versatile system, configured specifically for each sector, adjusting the management of the goods depending on the requirements and specifications of each business

Our customers enjoy full visibility throughout every step of the day-to-day process. They are readily and in detail informed about the quantities by code, serial number, LOT number and any other stock attribute while monitoring the progress of each order

Having undertaken numerous integration projects with various ERPs over the years, our highly experienced IT team can provide guidance and useful insight on best practices to facilitate a smoother and speedier transition.

Logika focuses on emerging markets with growth trends, having vast experience in the field of fashion, e-commerce, and technology and consumer goods, specializing in items picking management.